How Should You Choose a Nursery Preschool for Your Child?

A preschool for a child is their first step towards an independent life through the development of right skills. Not every school is alike, but many have their own values and systems. A parent’s responsibility is to choose a school that teaches values that not only parallel to their own but are also socially required.

The choice of academics and how the school focuses on teaching them is also very important. Children do not learn through a monotonous one-way routine, but it is incorporate play and activities with subjects to make it more interactive for children to learn from. Read more about Chiltern House’s programs for nursery education in Singapore.

While choosing a school for your children keep the following in perspective:

Set your budget

The first step is to list down all the schools that fit into your set financial plan because later on after listing all the schools and choosing one that does not fit into it would certainly make you start all over again.

Understand the needs of your child

This means that the parents must be aware beforehand of the various needs of their children. All individual children have their own approaches to leaning and it is not uncommon for some parents to struggle with finding the right school that leads the child there. Some children require more creativity and activity approach towards learning while some require a playful environment, and some can get right down to business without much help.

Therefore, understand the requirements of the child and make sure they align with those of the school before enrolling him in it.

The school’s belief systems should also be understood well by the parents so that they can fully assess if their values are required for their child or not.

The school should be emotionally nurturing

It must be remembered that for most children the separation anxiety they feel in the first few months of their life in school are a very real thing and it is the responsibility of the school staff and teachers to handle that with exceptional emotional intelligence.

Every child has their own emotional needs that needs to be met with profound regard. In case it is the other way around, the child forms a hard shell metaphorically speaking, around himself and loses confidence.

Location of the school

If there is a long way to commute the children grow very tired of it over time and thus lack enthusiasm towards going all the way. Also, children are prone to accidents at this age and the parents shouldn’t be so far away as to attend them.

It also needs to be mentioned that the schools must be checked to be fully equipped towards handling such emergency situations.


While visiting schools the parents should check the cleanliness of the overall place especially the toilet. Children have weak immunities that are still developing, hence taking care if the environment is clean for them is essential. Not only this but children at this are also learning, and for their own perspective it is vital for them to be in a nice and clean environment.