Why Singapore’s Education System Pays Special Emphasis on Kindergarten

The learning process of a human being is the most pronounced at younger ages. Before the second birthday of a baby, about 80% of their brain is developed. So, helping to develop the emotional, physical and logical aspects of their personality is vital at this tender age. The kindergarten years of a child are before they reach 7 years of age. In the competitive environment of today, many parents catering for their child’s development starts this journey as early as possible, and very rightly so. For research has shown that a child should be bought closer to learning as early as possible and for most children, this begins by attending kindergarten school.

A step towards independence

A very comprehensive program for child’s development is introduced at this age that targets their gradual growth and independence. It is understood that effective communication, social expansion and problem solving are important personality traits that start building earlier in one’s life if there is an exposure towards a very safe and growing environment.

Children who learn how to take care of themselves eventually grow into self-sufficient young people and ultimately into totally independent adults who thrive in their workplaces.

Decision making skills

The various tests and activities in kindergarten are designed for children to choose. Choice making and decision making are again very important traits for personality building. These give a child enough confidence to ultimately decide for themselves, whatever the circumstances. This helps them prepare for the real world where such choices are imperative in everyday work.


Exposure to an environment with peers and competition help children to better understand vocabulary and language. They are able to effectively communicate their desires and thoughts and use newer words through learning. This exposure also helps them to learn diversity in language and communication. Grooming in these respects will make them into adults who respect diversity in all forms.

Development of skills

Though in the initial years of life a child learns a lot from their home but after 4 years of age it is imperative that they get a safe and nurturing environment outside their homes that would help them learn more things. The kindergarten school helps a child develop their emotional, reasoning and physical skills. The fine motor skills of a child are also taken care of in order to help them achieve better in physical development and writing.


There are many top schools and kindergartens in Singapore that provide a good learning and development environment for children. Owing to the growing competition in the world, parents are very keen on giving their children this early education. There are some full day and half day programs can parents choose from according to the needs of their children.

Around a decade ago, many people were not as keen on this education as they are now. They have gradually come to realize that the development in the home is not enough, rather the carefully gathered program selected for the precise emotional and logical development of young children is the answer.

This early education helps them in grooming into the independent and successful adults that their parents aimed them to be.