These are Some Innovative Tricks to Inspire Your Child to Learn Chinese

Children have creative and curious minds. In other words, they are excited about learning, provided it serves their curiosity and their creativity. For long, we have pondered on how to improve the learning process of children and enrich their minds. This has required us to be creative in our approach and innovate new ways of learning, especially when we have widened the horizon of learning to include other languages and cross-cultural knowledge.

What if such learning comes without the additional pressures of learning or a heavy load of books? What if this learning could unlock the Child’s potential to accelerate the learning curve across all forms of knowledge?

Precisely for this reason, more and more people are opting to teach their children Chinese in Chinese enrichment classes and the teachers have responded with innovative methods to make it fun and engaging. One of these methods is most visible at Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, where engaging lessons appeal to both children and adults alike. You can find out more about them here.

Next, here are other methods you can teach your child Chinese:


Introduce the cultural aspects of the Chinese while reading, talking, music, videos or even playing with the child. Let your child know these things in Mandarin as well as his/her mother tongue. It is all about building the bridge between the current level of learning and Mandarin. This encourages the child to take a few steps across and develop a keen interest towards the language.


One must also teach children to be aware of the presence of the language in the surrounding environment. This makes a simple outing become fun and games where a child points out Mandarin billboards, signage or even the Mandarin written behind a packet of something that you buy. This is also a practice towards improving awareness towards the language as well as one’s own learning process in an easy, hassle-free method.


Put magnetic characters, colourful charts, toys and posters that help teach Mandarin, in the environment around the Child. The constant and regular engagement keeps the curious mind of a child excited and ready to learn new things.


Children need friends. They need others of their own age to interact and grow. It is very important to have a child interact with other children in the Mandarin language. The way they understand, try to understand and connect the dots, their learning becomes so much more wholesome and complete.